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Wolfgang&Maria 2011-11-13 Thank you very much for great pictures of our special day! Fantastic service above and beyond of duty. Thank you again, Moira!
Martin Condon 2011-10-28 Once again Moira you\'ve provided a fantasic service above and beyond the call of\'re a star and damn good at what you do!!
Elise Mcmahon 2011-08-29 Thanks Moira for the stunning photos!I had such great fun!!I will be returning for another Boudoir shoot in the future!!thanks again!!
Philippe 2011-08-21 You rock ! I receive a new AJ firmware just before my birthday, thanks for the gesture :-p
Mel 2011-06-30 Hello Moira, Thanks for the awesome photo shooting we had last week. I really enjoyed it and the pictures are really brilliant. I\'m pretty sure I\'ll visit your studio again next time!
Dale Holen 2011-06-30 Stunning work as always...
Maura O\'Sullivan 2011-05-31 Absolutely great photos & at a great price. I love the way the children were captured naturally and not over posed or staged. Hence these photos really reflect a moment in time when these 2 children were small,so cute and so lovable.
Kinga-Maria A. Matulewicz 2011-02-23 Thank you Moira for your patience! It was such a pleasure working with all of ye! You are a great teacher !!! I look forward to work with you too!
Tony Slattery 2011-02-23 Moira works great with children, and I would have no problem telling everyone to use her services.
Martin Condon 2011-02-22 Hey Moira, it was great seeing you again today; you\'re brilliant to work with!!
Maez 2011-02-17 I worked with Moira O'Brien on the 7th Feb 2011 during my trip to Kerry, Ireland. She travelled all the way from Cork to Listowel to work with me which I was very flattered by. She was an absolute joy to work with and was fun, creative and full of ideas. I would recommend any model amateur or pro to work with her as she is a lovely and highly skilled Photographer. Sapphire Storm.'
Tony Slattery 2011-02-15 Moira works great with children, and I would have no problem telling everyone to use her services.
Liz 2009-03-28 Brilliant site!!
Marco 2009-03-27 Hi Moira, Excellent as usual. Have a good weekend. Marco.
Anne 2009-03-27 Very nice website. Keep up the good work. A


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