Baby's First Year

Baby's First Year

The first year in the life of your baby is special and we just love to record it for you.

This is a time of great change in your baby. He or she grows from a babe in arms to a little person, able to crawl or walk and maybe even begining to talk and this happens so quickly that is it easy to forget this special year.

We offer four photos sessions with your baby at these approximate times:

Session 1 - at four weeks

Session 2 - at 4 months

Session 3 - at 8 months

Session 4 - at one year

Print Prices

6" x 4" 3.00
7" x5" 4.00
10" x 8" & A4 7.50
16" x 12" & A3 10.00

Important Notes

The photo is of your baby only. We will be happy to do a mother and baby or family session but please book as a portrait session.

We will provide one 7" x 5" photo from each session. Further prints can be purchased at our normal prices.

The family is welcome to watch the session but please arrange this in advance as studio space is limited.

Please book 3 - 6 weeks in advance of each session.

The total price is €145. A deposit of €25 is payable on booking and €30 for each session. Sessions are approximately 40 minutes each.

An online gallery will be provided of your favourite 10 images from each session.

Baby's First year