Welcome to 2019

I know I have been rather quiet in 2018, not because we haven't been working but we just got involved in too many things and neglected to update the website.

3 weeks ago I started a major undertaking - that of producing a personal video every day for 90 days. This is going well and has been a great learning experience in producing decent output in a very short space of time. Instead of taking days, weeks, or even months to produce a single video, I have now streamlined my production so much that I am able to produce a daily video - OK, so it is not that slick and the production values maybe not quite as good as my other videos..... on the other hand, maybe they are getting better all round! It will be interesting to see the results at the end of the 90 days. Here is the link to my latest video, and here is a link to subscribe to my channel.

I use TubeBuddy to streamline my video production.

How to Book Me

Bookings can be made on the booking page or by contacting Moira on 087 621 4532

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