Filmography from Moira O'Brien Media

Here is the link to the latest upload to YouTube.

We have been making films since 2009 when the first HD video capable DSLR camera came onto the market, the Canon 5D Mk II - a groundbreaking camera. This was followed soon after by the Canon 7D and, a few years later, the Canon 5D Mk III, which is still the number one camera for high-quality full HD film work. These were supplemented by a true video camera, the Canon XF100, again full HD, allowing for autofocus and remote control

Modern technology, however, has moved on and we now use additional cameras for film work, namely the iPhone 7+, DJI Osmo (gimballed camera) and DJI Mavic Pro (quadcopter, drone) all of which are 4K capable.

Most of our work has been done under the name of Friendly Ghost Films though some of the early work was under Moving Image Cork.

A partial list of most of the film we have produced will follow in categories.

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